Welcome to Dyersburg First Assembly! We are a church without walls. We are a church that craves the spirit. We are a people of the Spirit. We seek His moving, leading, guiding and direction. Acts 2:17 says “In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people.” We recognize that we are in the last days and we desire more of His Spirit in our Church and in our community!

We are a church that knows we must make an impact on our community. This is not an option. Matthew 28:19 is a directive from God to go and make disciples. This is our commission, purpose and mission. God’s desire is to grow the church, but not through reaching church people but the lost Matthew 9:12-13. Our church has a strong desire to make an impact on our community. This is only possible if we get out of our four walls and do something.

So we hope you can visit and experience strong moves of God’s Spirit and be forever changed! DFA is a church without walls.